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New videos explain the PSHB Program

The five-part series is available on the MyHR website

The MyHR Postal Service Health Benefits Program has the new videos, as well as FAQs and a fact sheet.

USPS has released a five-part video series on the new Postal Service Health Benefits Program.

The program, also known as PSHB, will begin Jan. 1, 2025. This will be a separate program within the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and will be administered by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

The new video series will help employees and retirees better understand the PSHB Program and how it will work with Medicare.

The five videos are available on the MyHR website. In the search bar, enter “Postal Service Health Benefits Program” to call up the PSHB page. Once there, you can find the videos at the bottom of the page.

The MyHR PSHB page also has FAQs and a fact sheet.

The videos are also available on Keeping Posted, the website for postal retirees.

USPS is encouraging employees and retirees to watch the complete video series to learn how PSHB will affect their health care coverage.

Additionally, employees and retirees can receive more information and updates by texting “PSHBP” to 39369.