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The buddy system

These two employees worked together to aid a co-worker in distress

Two workers stand in workroom
Billings, MT, Mail Processing Clerk Kenneth Anderson, left, and Electronic Technician Troy Mathis

Mail Processing Clerk Kenneth Anderson was recently on duty at the Billings, MT, Processing and Distribution Center when he saw a co-worker fall to the floor.

The man appeared to be having a seizure.

While 911 was called, Anderson used the facility’s paging system to announce the medical emergency. Electronic Technician Troy Mathis responded and helped Anderson move their co-worker away from the sorting machine where he had collapsed.

Paramedics soon arrived and took the man to a hospital. He recovered from the incident and eventually returned to work.

“The quick response from the Billings team greatly improved the employee’s care and chance of recovery,” said Carrie Stoner, the facility’s maintenance manager.

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