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From store to floor

This carrier tended to an injured customer — and put away her groceries, too

Smiling man in postal uniform stands on workroom floor
El Dorado, KS, Letter Carrier Jeffrey Sparks

Letter Carrier Jeffrey Sparks was delivering mail recently in El Dorado, KS, when he saw an older customer lying on the floor of a home’s garage.

Sparks approached the woman, who had fallen while trying to retrieve groceries from her car.

The Postal Service employee offered to call 911, but the customer declined because she had already contacted her daughter — a nurse who lives close by and was on the way.

Sparks stayed with the woman until her daughter arrived. While they waited, he fetched a blanket to keep the customer warm, and he put away her groceries.

Sparks later received a letter from the daughter, who told him her mother fractured her hip and would soon have surgery for it. She also thanked Sparks for the care he provided.

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