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Here’s what Link covered Jan. 14-20

The week brought mixes — both wintry and musical — and much more

A man plays a guitar
Jacob Howley performs with his band, Corned Beef Hash, last month.

Let’s talk about the weather, shall we?

Last week, Link covered the snow, ice and cold temperatures that affected many states, including Oregon and Texas, where tens of thousands of customers lost power.

We also talked to some USPS employees who drive delivery vehicles and heard their advice for colleagues who are braving the slick and icy conditions on the nation’s roads.

“The one tip I live by is leave enough room between vehicles,” said James Chicano, a USPS tractor-trailer driver based in Waterbury, CT. “Don’t tailgate. You can make decisions if you have the time. Leave yourself enough room to react.”

Shifting gears, other employees offered their advice on keeping New Year’s resolutions.

Esi Efseaff, a Terra Bella, CA, retail associate who took up running last year, said he found it helpful to “do your research before making a change and experiment to find what works.”

Elsewhere, Link went “On the Job” with Rachael Kneisly, a Postal Inspection Service team leader, and “Off the Clock” with Jacob Howley, a USPS attorney who is also the front man for Corned Beef Hash, a band that plays an eclectic mix of music.

We also reminded you of the postal price changes that take effect Sunday, Jan. 21, and we gave you a history lesson on the Love stamps. Additionally, we introduced you to Amy Weinland Daughters, a Tomball, TX, customer who mailed handwritten letters to all 580 of her Facebook friends.

“The Postal Service is made up of unsung heroes who deliver mail and a greater connection,” she said.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.