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Here’s what Link covered Jan. 8-13

It was a week of holiday milestones, dates to remember and much more

Man wearing postal uniform unloads packages from the back of a delivery vehicle
Likkasit Siriviboon, a letter carrier at Burke Branch in Springfield, VA, was profiled in Link’s “On the Job” column last week.

The holiday season is now a memory for many, but the Postal Service’s busiest time of year was still making news in Link last week.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy led his latest employee video message with a review of the organization’s performance during the holidays.

We also introduced you to a quartet of letter carriers — Eric Lomax (Jamaica, NY), Carilla Hayden (Chicago), Dennis Winston (Orlando, FL) and Randy Lovejoy (Los Angeles) — who made milestone deliveries during the holidays.

Hayden, for example, made the Postal Service’s 5 billionth delivery on Dec. 5.

“Five billion is a huge number,” she said. “I’m proud to have done my part in delivering a small fraction of such a monumental milestone.”

Link also went “On the Job” with Likkasit Siriviboon, a Springfield, VA, letter carrier, and “Off the Clock” with Solomons, MD, Postmaster Theresa Smith, who volunteers as a Chesapeake Bay storyteller.

Other highlights included our publication of the Postal Service’s payroll schedule for 2024, a look at dates to remember this year and an overview of the changes Link introduced in its pages last week.

Because hey, every now and then, we don’t just report the news — we make it.