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Much of the nation is dealing with harsh winter weather this week

Several states have experienced snow, ice and cold temperatures

USPS delivery vehicle parked on side of snowy street
USPS has asked customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and mailboxes in areas affected by winter weather.

After observing the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at the start of the week, USPS will resume regular delivery and retail services on Tuesday, Jan. 16, in a nation firmly in winter’s grip.

About 150 million Americans — or 45 percent of the nation’s population — are under a wind chill warning or advisory, according to the National Weather Service.

Parts of the South have experienced snow and freezing rain in recent days, including Texas, where officials urged residents to conserve electricity, citing record-breaking demands. Other states affected by the wintry mix include Arkansas and Louisiana.

Other regions, including parts of the Midwest and Northwest, have experienced heavy snow.

Snow also fell in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Jan. 15, including a few inches in Washington, DC — the most snowfall in the nation’s capital in about two years.

As of 8 a.m. Eastern on Jan. 16, about 110,800 customers are without electricity in several states, including 49,700 in Oregon, 30,800 in Texas and 20,800 in Louisiana, according to, a monitoring site.

During inclement weather, the Postal Service delivers where it is safe to do so.

In several states, the organization has issued news releases urging customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks and mailboxes.

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