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Blasts of winter

Storms across the nation this week brought blizzards, flooding, frigid air and even tornadoes

A postal delivery vehicle moves along a snow-covered street
A USPS delivery vehicle makes its way along a snow-covered street.

Winter is roaring into the new year like a lion: Two storms brought heavy snow, rain and gale-force winds to much of the Lower 48, and a third disturbance is waiting in the wings.

Dicey conditions led to numerous power outages, school closings, flight cancellations and highway closures.

Up to 18.5 inches of snow was reported near Salem, NH, and Gorham, ME, early in the week.

A second storm midweek brought heavy snow to the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes regions and spun off tornadoes in the South.

More than a foot of snow was reported at several locations, including 21 inches at Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado; 18 inches in Santa Fe, NM; and 14 inches in Scott City, KS.

As the second storm died down, a third — forecast to follow much the same trajectory as the second but with a rain-snow line a bit more to the south — had already begun its run in the West. Stevens Pass, WA, reported 29 inches of snow.

The Postal Service is continuing to deliver where it is safe to do so.

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