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These employees made some of the holiday season’s most notable deliveries

The quartet of carriers helped USPS mark a series of big milestones

Man receives package from smiling letter carrier
Jeff Pennacchio receives a package from Jamaica, NY, Letter Carrier Eric Lomax — the Postal Service’s 3 billionth delivery of the 2023 holiday season.

Sara Carroll Jiminez opened her door on Dec. 20 to find her Orlando, FL, neighborhood letter carrier, Dennis Winston, waiting for her — along with a TV news crew.

Winston was there to deliver the Postal Service’s 10 billionth delivery of the holiday season, and the news crew — from WKMG, the local CBS station — was there to record the occasion for a report that would air that night.

“Ten billion — and you get to deliver it?” Jiminez said as she took the package. “What’s in it?”

“Hey, you ordered it,” Winston replied with a laugh.

Winston was one of four letter carriers who helped the Postal Service mark milestone deliveries during the 2023 holiday season.

Eric Lomax, a carrier in Jamaica, NY, made the 3 billionth delivery on Nov. 30, just one week after Thanksgiving; Carilla Hayden, a Chicago carrier, made the 5 billionth delivery on Dec. 5; and Randy Lovejoy, a Los Angeles carrier, made the 11 billionth delivery on Dec. 23.

Lomax, a 21-year USPS employee, said his milestone delivery underscored the important role the Postal Service plays in the lives of its customers.

“Being able to deliver their packages — especially their essential needs and saving them the hustle and bustle of having to go out — is gratifying. I’m proud to come to work every day,” he said.

Likewise, Hayden said her delivery reminded her how every USPS employee contributes to the organization’s success.

“Five billion is a huge number,” she said. “I’m proud to have done my part in delivering a small fraction of such a monumental milestone.”

Lovejoy agreed that all Postal Service employees play an important role during the holidays — and he can hardly believe he got to make the 11 billionth delivery.

“It’s crazy that it just happens to be on my route,” he said.