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Keeping count

USPS Holiday Newsroom tracks latest mail numbers

USPS has accepted more than 9.6 billion letters, cards and packages during the holiday season.

The Postal Service has a running tally of the holiday season’s mail and packages.

The annual online counter returned Nov. 25, displaying the latest number of letters, cards and packages that USPS has accepted since Thanksgiving. The seasonal tab also factors in two of the busiest days of the season — Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The USPS Holiday Newsroom is the home of the holiday mail and package counter.

As of Dec. 18 at 12:01 p.m., EST, the number exceeded 9.6 billion.

The counter, which is continually updated, is a rolling estimate based on electronic documentation of mail and packages accepted and premailing notifications received by the Postal Service.

The counter can be found on the USPS Holiday Newsroom website under the “We’re Delivering for America” header.

The newsroom is also a one-stop shop that offers shipping recommendations, fact sheets and other resources, including the Holiday Happenings blog.