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Holiday headlines

Newsroom has seasonal news, info

The USPS Holiday Newsroom has information and other resources to help employees during the peak delivery season.

The Postal Service’s one-stop shop for holiday news and information has returned for peak season.

The Holiday Newsroom website offers news releases, a list of recommended mailing and shipping dates, an overview of seasonal stamps and shipping supplies, and informational videos on subjects like properly addressing holiday packages.

The site also has information about two popular programs: Greetings from the North Pole Post Office and USPS Operation Santa.

The Holiday Newsroom went live last week and will be updated throughout the season.

On Nov. 23, the site’s popular online package counter will reappear and show the number of letters, cards and packages that USPS accepts up until Dec. 25.

Although the Holiday Newsroom is part of, a version is also available on Blue that includes resources for employees, such as the Hollygrams notecards that can be printed and given to co-workers during the season.