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New features

Expanded Learning Library now available

HERO now offers more than 120,000 learning resources.

The Postal Service has added new self-development content to the Learning Library, part of the HERO learning management system.

The new content, which became available Oct. 30, expands the library to include more than 120,000 resources, such as videos, books and audiobooks.

The updates are designed to offer a structured path for employees’ personal growth and help them enhance their skills, build confidence and gain insights into their strengths and opportunities for development.

Topics include software development, customer service, project management, and diversity and inclusion.

Other new content includes industry certification preparation tools, such as self-paced digital courses and study guides to help employees prepare for certification exams.

The expanded self-development content is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to develop a strong, stable workforce, an important part of the Delivering for America plan.

Employees can find additional resources by accessing HERO from Blue and LiteBlue.