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Printer problems?

IT Service Desk offers appointments for help

Employees and contractors who can’t resolve their printer-related problems will be able to schedule an appointment for help by phone.

Postal Service employees and contractors can now schedule appointments with the IT Service Desk to resolve printer-related issues.

Employees and contractors with printer problems are encouraged to try to fix the issue themselves by using the knowledge base on the USPS ServiceNow portal.

If a solution using the knowledge base isn’t found, employees and contractors can create a ticket for printer support through ServiceNow.

“Creating your own ticket helps IT to prioritize and manage requests efficiently and ensures that your issue is addressed as quickly as possible,” said Hung Bui, senior director for endpoint technology support.

If the printer issue cannot be resolved through self-help or by creating a ticket, employees and contractors can schedule an appointment by calling the IT Service Desk at 800-USPS-HELP.

Callers will be asked to select an appointment window to receive a callback.

“We want to make sure that you have the support you need to perform your duties effectively and efficiently,” Bui said.