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New resources to help resolve tech issues

The Operations Automated Weather Alert & Realtime Events dashboard now includes network connectivity outages.

The Postal Service has rolled out new resources and tools to help employees resolve technology issues without IT support.

These include:

Network outage dashboard. Network connectivity outages — outage effects, facility downtimes and county power outages — have been added to the Operations Automated Weather Alert & Realtime Events dashboard to help managers make operational decisions. The dashboard’s data feed refreshes every 15 minutes.

Network outage notifications. Sent to district leadership and installation heads, the email notifications provide updates on known network connectivity outages and interim steps sites can take to restore connectivity, such as troubleshooting internet routers.

Newly redesigned IT Self Help/ServiceNow portal. The site features quick, step-by-step information to resolve software, operating system, technology and application issues, plus tips to resolve printer errors, slow internet performance and other common issues.

Tech-focused Smart Business Moments. These information vignettes have been added to the online Smart Business Moments rotation that highlight new self-service options, computing best practices and more.

Tech Tuesday webinars. Held on the first Tuesday of every month, the lunch-and-learn sessions highlight best practices identified by ServiceNow incident records.

Call-holding information. Callers to the IT Service Desk can now hear updates on current network incidents and tips for resolving common IT issues.

The Endpoint Technology team also has additional improvements in the works, including revamping the IT Service Desk’s interactive voice response system to improve call prioritization.