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Network connectivity outages

Data added to postal dashboard

The Operations Automated Weather Alert & Realtime Events dashboard now includes network connectivity outages.

The Postal Service has added network connectivity outages to OpAWARE, a dashboard that helps managers make operational decisions.

OpAWARE, an acronym for Operations Automated Weather Alert & Realtime Events, provides information on hurricanes, storms and other weather events that affect postal operations.

Any user on the USPS internal network can access OpAWARE.

The data feed refreshes every 15 minutes.

Users can view outage effects, facility downtimes and county power outages. The county-level data is provided through a Department of Energy data stream that includes the number of customers affected.

OpAWARE also lets users filter data by specific area, district, vendor or days down.

Employees unable to use OpAWARE because of sluggish internet performance should go to the Telecom Integrated Postal Network Enhanced project page to learn tips for improving network performance and to find out when the bandwidth will be upgraded at their facilities.