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Native American Heritage Month

Monthlong observance begins Nov. 1

The Postal Service will issue a stamp in 2023 honoring Chief Standing Bear.

The Postal Service will observe Native American Heritage Month, which honors the Indigenous peoples and cultures of the United States, during November.

The monthlong observance’s theme this year is “Why We Serve: Native Americans in the United States Armed Forces.”

USPS has issued scores of stamps celebrating Native subjects over the years, beginning with a 4-cent stamp of a buffalo hunt in 1898. However, two recent Forever releases stand out.

April’s George Morrison stamps commemorate the Chippewa modernist artist, and 2021’s Raven Story references a mythological trickster character important to several Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

In 2023, the Postal Service will issue a stamp honoring Chief Standing Bear, the Ponca chieftain who won his freedom in court, setting an important legal precedent for Native Americans.

More than 4,000 employees of the Postal Service identify as Native American or Alaska Native.

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