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23 for ’23

USPS announces next year’s stamps

The Postal Service has announced 23 stamp releases for 2023.

The Postal Service has announced 23 stamp releases for 2023:

Year of the Rabbit, the fourth in the 12-stamp Lunar New Year series, featuring a three-dimensional mask depicting a rabbit;

Love, two designs in vintage-valentine style of a kitten and a puppy resting their paws on a big red heart;

Great Smoky Mountains, a Priority Mail Express stamp displaying the natural beauty of the most visited national park in the United States;

U.S. Flag, a flag placed atop the word “freedom” in capital letters;

Ernest J. Gaines, a Black Heritage stamp honoring the author of “A Lesson Before Dying”;

Floral Geometry, a $10-denominated stamp similar to 2022’s $2 and $5 denominations;

Piñatas!, four vibrant depictions of the traditional Mexican party favorite;

Red Fox, a 40-cent stamp with a pencil-and-watercolor illustration of Vulpes vulpes;

Sailboats, two abstract graphic designs celebrating a favorite American leisure activity;

Snow Globes, four holiday-themed winter wonderlands;

Thinking of You, five playful graphic illustrations for birthdays, congratulations and more;

Tulip Blossoms, 10 beautiful bulbs in extreme close-up;

Winter Woodland Animals, four abstract illustrations of forest creatures;

Chief Standing Bear, honoring the Ponca chieftain who won his freedom in court, setting an important legal precedent for Native Americans;

Endangered Species, a photographic tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, with 20 images of endangered animals;

Railroad Stations, five digital illustrations of architectural depots;

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a tribute to the 107th Supreme Court justice and passionate proponent of equality;

Toni Morrison, honoring the author whose novels on the African American experience won her a Nobel Prize;

Roy Lichtenstein, five pop art designs from the iconic American artist;

Waterfalls, 12 photographic images of American cascades;

Women’s Soccer, a celebration of the sport’s growth in the United States;

School Bus, an additional-ounce stamp that pays tribute to the humble yellow vehicle that ensures millions of children get safely to and from school; and

Patriotic Block, a nondenominated, nonprofit stamp with a red, white and blue graphic suggestive of the U.S. flag.

“These miniature works of art highlight our unique American culture and offer a broad selection for those looking to collect stamps or send their mail around the nation or the world,” said USPS Stamp Services Director William Gicker.

The Postal Service announced the stamps on Oct. 24. The designs are preliminary and subject to change.

All of the releases will be Forever stamps, unless otherwise noted.

Additional 2023 stamps will be announced later.

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