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That’s so Raven

Stamp spotlights Indigenous myth

The Raven Story stamp depicts a raven as he escapes from his human family and begins to transform into bird form.

On July 30, the Postal Service will release Raven Story, its latest Forever stamp.

The character of Raven is important for many of the Indigenous peoples of North America, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest. Stories and myths about the trickster bird are legion.

The new stamp references a Tlingit creation myth and shows Raven midway between human and avian form (notice the hand) as he successfully completes an elaborate plot to bring the light of the sun, moon and stars to the world.

To illustrate the myth, Tlingit/Athabascan artist Rick Worl combined modern elements with formline, a technique common among Native Americans from the northern coast of the Pacific Northwest. Antonio Alcalá was the art director.

The Raven Story stamps can be purchased at Post Offices and