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Route management

Employee training offered for new process

The Postal Service is training 250 teams across the organization’s 50 districts on how to use technology to evaluate and adjust delivery routes.

The Postal Service has started a series of training sessions on how to use technology to better evaluate the work performed on city routes and quickly align route growth and decline to improve customer service.

The weeklong training sessions using this technology are part of the Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation and Adjustment Process (TIAREAP), which was established through a partnership between USPS and the National Association of Letter Carriers.

“TIAREAP is an important partnership,” said Angela Curtis, delivery operations vice president, who attended the first training session with district leads in Fort Lauderdale, FL, calling them “champions of embracing the use of technology.”

TIAREAP will use Digital Street Review, a platform that shows a carrier’s location from data generated by the mobile delivery devices they use while delivering mail and packages.

The TIAREAP training sessions included route evaluation adjustment teams that are composed of management and union representatives.

Data from the Digital Street Review platform will be used by the teams to evaluate and adjust routes.

Additional training sessions are scheduled through July, during which 250 route evaluation adjustment teams from across the Postal Service’s 50 districts will be trained.

This effort supports Delivering for America, the 10-year plan to put the organization on a path to financial sustainability and service excellence.