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Cup leads

Central Area moves ahead in competition

A competition is underway to see which Postal Service area can submit the most employee leads for USPS Connect Local.

Postal Service employees have submitted more than 3,900 sales leads for the new USPS Connect Local delivery option.

USPS Connect Local, which began a national rollout in February, offers businesses affordable next-day delivery in select locations, with same-day delivery, Sunday delivery and pickup options in each state.

The USPS Small Business Solutions team is holding a competition to see which Postal Service area can submit the most employee leads for USPS Connect Local.

The Small Business Solutions team has set a target of 5,000 employee-submitted USPS Connect Local leads by Sept. 30. So far, 3,224 such leads have been submitted.

Each of the four areas has a target number of leads, based on the USPS Connect Local rollout schedule. The area with the highest percentage above its target will be awarded the USPS Connect Local Cup.

Central Area is currently ahead with more than 1,200 leads submitted.

“As USPS Connect Local rolls out, our employees are learning about it and sharing it with our customers,” said Lou DeRienzo, a small-business senior specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “Postal employees are rising to the challenge.”

All sales generated from employee leads count toward the USPS Every Lead Counts campaign to raise revenue through sales leads from employees.

The Postal Service is encouraging as many employees as possible to submit at least one lead through any of its six lead programs by Sept. 30.

The Small Business and Lead Generation Programs Blue page has more information about the employee lead programs: Business Connect, Clerks Care, Customer Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead.

More information about USPS Connect Local — as well as the new USPS Connect Regional, USPS Connect National and USPS Connect Returns offerings — can be found at the USPS Connect website.