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Fleet manager reminder

Brush up on Voyager card PIN process

USPS fleet drivers use Voyager payment cards to purchase fuel.

The Postal Service wants fleet site managers to brush up on the Voyager card program’s PIN management process as part of the preparations for peak delivery season.

Specifically, USPS wants managers to follow the process used to create, terminate and manage personal identification numbers (PINs) for the Voyager payment cards that postal fleet drivers use to buy fuel.

To create a PIN, first log onto U.S. Bank’s Fleet Commander Online website.

Managers who don’t have Fleet Asset Management System-Fleet Commander Online (FAMS-FCO) PIN Management access should request it through eAccess. Full approval may take up to 24 business hours.

Next, create a driver profile. The profile must include the employee’s first and last names and employee identification number.

As part of the PIN management process, fleet site managers must make sure:

  • Postal Service employees have their own PINs. Sharing PINs or using PINs previously assigned to other employees is prohibited.
  • PINs are only assigned to USPS employees. Never assign PINs to vendors or contractors.
  • PINs for employees no longer with USPS are to be terminated.

Managers are also reminded to complete driver certifications, at minimum, on a twice-a-year basis, or as instructed by district leadership.

For additional information, email the Fuel Fleet Team at