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Peak track

Analytics University offers new course

Enterprise Analytics is using this image to promote Analytics University’s Peak Operations track.

The Postal Service is offering new training videos to help employees use data during peak season.

The 15-video Peak Operations course, which is available through the Analytics University educational platform, is part of Bronze2021, a curriculum that offers certifications in processing, logistics, and retail and delivery.

The track consists of 5-7 minute videos that focus on applying the latest analytic tools to inform and enhance peak season decisions. Topics include how to use data analytics and visibility tools to best manage mail and package movement, align staffing needs, generate efficient routes and optimize processing performance.

“We’ve revamped the Analytics University curricula and the latest Peak Operations track highlights the essential tools needed to navigate the Postal Service’s busiest time of the year,” said Jeff Johnson, Enterprise Analytics vice president.

“Learning about the dynamic platforms available to our workforce, how each tool complements the other and using this knowledge to improve how we move mail efficiently is the goal.”

The new course features some of the latest tools developed by the Postal Service, such as the Business Intelligence Capacity Model (BICM), a program that offers round-the-clock operational insights that show potential gridlock in the postal processing and delivery network before problems occur.

“Videos covering overviews about BICM, parcel overflow and other topics will provide insight into what we should know about our daily operations management,” said Johnson. “Through proper education and access to teachable content available through AU, we will help create a smarter USPS workforce and a more resilient organization.”

To see an example of a Bronze2021 level peak video, view the BICM Overview video on BlueTube.

Analytics University was established in 2017 and is available to all employees with an ACE ID on the USPS network at