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Peak strategies

USPS prepares for holiday season

Chief Logistics and Processing Operations Officer Isaac Cronkhite addresses attendees at last week’s meeting.

Executives from Logistics and Processing Operations met last week to strategize and prepare for the next fiscal year’s first quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31), which includes the important holiday delivery season.

Logistics and Processing Operations is responsible for processing and moving mail and packages efficiently to delivery units. The department, created during the recent restructuring, has two regions — Eastern and Western — and 13 divisions.

The meeting, held in New Orleans, allowed attendees to collaborate and share operational best practices.

“This is the most important peak of all of our careers because our reputation is at stake. We are going to rise to the occasion,” said Isaac Cronkhite, chief logistics and processing operations officer, during an address before the attendees.

Cronkhite also emphasized the importance of attracting and retaining new employees, a key focus of Delivering for America, the Postal Service’s 10-year plan.

USPS often employs precareer employees and new hires during peak season to assist in mailing, shipping and deliveries.

“We need to on-board our precareer employees more effectively. Do you remember your first day as a postal employee? Walking into a new building the first time is impactful. You are setting the tone for a potential 40-year career,” Cronkhite said.

Later, during a group discussion, the executives shared memories of the first day of their postal careers — prompting several to offer ideas and suggestions on how they can reach out to new hires to make them feel welcome.

“Simple conversations show new employees that they are valued and telling your personal story can inspire them to turn a job into a meaningful career,” Cronkhite said.