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Bronze age

Analytics University offers new certifications

Analytics University trains employees to use data in solving problems.

The Postal Service is offering new training to help employees use data and fresh thinking to overcome obstacles in their work.

The courses, available through the Analytics University educational platform, are part of Bronze2021, a curriculum that offers certifications in processing, logistics, and retail and delivery.

The format focuses on how to use operational, analytics-driven tools in real-life scenarios to identify issues and improve performance.

“We have these amazing tools, and these tracks give employees tangible examples on how to use these tools to best perform their work,” said Isaac Cronkhite, chief logistics and processing operations officer. “Participants gain an understanding of how all the pieces of the process fit together.”

The Bronze2021 certification program is self-paced and uses BlueTube videos as its primary course content. The Daily Utilization Heatmap video is an example of a Bronze2021-level course.

Analytics University was established in 2017 and is available to all employees with an ACE ID on the USPS network at

Said Cronkhite: “Bronze2021 is another example of how Analytics University is helping our employees work smarter, not harder. If you want to elevate your skills, this is the place to start.”