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Texas Postmaster’s tip leads to deal

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Lewisville, TX, Postmaster Venora Lowery used the Business Connect program to generate new revenue for USPS.

A Postal Service employee’s assistance to a business has led to a shipping deal worth more than $112,000 for USPS.

After talking with a business that makes customized gifts, Lewisville, TX, Postmaster Venora Lowery submitted a lead through Business Connect.

This program allows Postmasters, managers and customer services supervisors to initiate discussions with customers about USPS products and services.

Jenny Yoo, a Texas 1 District field sales representative, and Ronald Williams, a senior sales executive, followed up with the business and closed a shipping deal worth $112,000 in new estimated annualized revenue for the Postal Service.

Sales generated from Business Connect leads count toward the USPS Power of One campaign to raise revenue through sales leads from employees.

“Thanks to Venora’s professionalism, she was able to recognize an opportunity to help a customer and get them into the right hands,” said Dorothy Muir, small-business sales program specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “She knows how to engage with her customers and identify new business opportunities.”

The Postal Service is encouraging as many employees as possible to submit at least one lead through any of its six lead programs by Sept. 30.

The small-business team is tracking program participation rates through its weekly “Drive to 35” downloadable report. Additionally, the team is publishing a weekly Business Connect Month report in August that shows how districts are meeting their targets for the program.

The Small Business and Lead Generation Programs Blue page has more information about Business Connect and the other employee lead programs: Clerks Care, Customer Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead.