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Center preps employees for postal careers

Wisconsin District Learning, Development and Diversity Center staffers include, from left, Lisa Wojnarowski, Jerry Bialo, Carlton Hawkins, Dave Behling, Jason Berrios and Cathy Bystra.

Dave Behling believes the key to retaining new Postal Service employees is making sure they are properly trained to do their jobs.

“I remember my trainer when I started,” said Behling, one of several training technicians at the Wisconsin District Learning, Development and Diversity Center.

“He made an impression on me and I try to do that with others. There’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing someone succeed.”

In addition to training dozens of new hires for postal jobs, the center supports employees at all points of their careers and provides in-person sessions, many of which are conducted virtually, in keeping with coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

“I get satisfaction from helping people,” said Carlton Hawkins, who facilitates mandatory employee training courses.

The center is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to establish workforce stability and investment strategies that empower, equip and engage each employee to put them in the best possible position to succeed, key goals of the organization’s 10-year plan.

The center strives to make sure all employees are well-trained to meet the challenges of their jobs, which lays the foundation for a productive postal career.

“When [new hires] leave for their stations, they are prepared,” Behling said. “When they arrive, they know what to expect and become part of the group that will make a career with us. We are here to help and support them.”

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