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Delivering for America

PMG announces 10-year plan

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Delivering for America, the Postal Service’s new 10-year plan, is available online.

The Postal Service has announced its 10-year plan for modernizing the organization while increasing its role and relevance to the nation.

The plan, called Delivering for America, will help put the organization on a path to financial sustainability, according to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who announced its key components in a March 23 message to employees.

“This plan marks the start of an important chapter for the Postal Service in our long history and tradition of changing and improving to better serve the American public,” DeJoy wrote.

The plan will:

• Create a modernized Postal Service capable of providing world-class service reliability at affordable prices;

• Maintain universal six-day mail delivery and expanded seven-day package delivery;

• Establish workforce stability and investment strategies that empower, equip and engage each employee and put them in the best possible position to succeed;

• Spur innovation that grows revenue and meets changing marketplace needs; and

• Achieve financial stability to fund employee benefits, the organization’s universal service mission and $40 billion worth of investments in people, technology and infrastructure, such as upgrading the postal delivery fleet.

Delivering for America also invests in Postal Service employees to stabilize and strengthen the organization’s workforce — especially for associates who are not yet in career positions; expands training and long-term career development programs; offers safety improvements; and establishes an Executive Diversity Council to advance a culture of diversity, inclusion and acceptance.

Other improvements will include a comprehensive organizational realignment to focus on operating needs while eliminating redundant roles, decision-making bottlenecks and unbalanced reporting structures, as well as an effort to stabilize the workforce by decreasing the high-turnover rate for noncareer employees by 50 percent annually and providing all employees with a path to a postal career.

In his memo, DeJoy thanked employees for their continued dedication.

“I am optimistic about the future of the Postal Service and confident that, as we implement our plan, we will deliver excellent service for our customers and the American people, and at the same time, make our great organization an even stronger one,” he wrote. “I hope you will embrace this opportunity and share this optimism for our great organization.”

An overview video is available on the Link website, Blue and, which also has the full plan.