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Learning the ropes

New Jersey carrier enjoys training new hires

Nancy Torres, a Marlton, NJ, letter carrier, is helping USPS support new hires through effective training.

Letter Carrier Nancy Torres has worked for the Postal Service for almost two decades, but she still relates to the challenges newly hired city carrier assistants (CCAs) sometimes face.

In addition to delivering mail, Torres is an instructor at the Marlton, NJ, Post Office and a facilitator at the South Jersey Training Academy, helping CCAs learn about Post Office operations, curbside delivery, park and loops, cluster boxes and more.

“It’s a wonderful program. We focus on every little thing [CAAs] will encounter,” Torres said.

The four-day training initiative is a critical component of the Postal Service’s overall effort to support new hires, a major focus of organization’s new 10-year plan.

Helping CCAs overcome difficulties is also key to the training.

“I tell them, ‘Let the job come to you.’ The job isn’t easy but it’s doable,” said Torres, who also advises supervisors managing the new employees to give them time to learn the ropes.

Desure Davis, a CCA who completed the course, liked Torres’s approach.

“She’s straight to the point and clear,” she said.

Jeremy Edmonds, the training program’s lead facilitator, called Torres “an awesome facilitator…. She brings real-world experiences to the training and she understands people.”

Torres said she hopes new CCAs will find postal careers as rewarding as she does.

Said Torres: “I absolutely love my job.”

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