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Sustainability success

USPS refreshes annual awards

The USPS Sustainability Excellence Awards help the organization achieve its goals in recycling, energy usage and other areas.

The Postal Service is seeking nominations for its refreshed USPS Sustainability Excellence Awards, which honor areas, districts, facilities and teams that help foster sustainable workplaces.

This year, one winner will be selected from each of the eight organizations overseen by the Postal Service’s executive leadership team:

• Chief Retail and Delivery Officer Kristin Seaver
• Chief Logistics and Processing Operations Officer Isaac Cronkhite
• Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer Jakki Krage Strako
• Chief Technology Officer Scott Bombaugh
• Chief Information Officer Pritha Mehra
• Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Steve Monteith
• Chief Financial Officer Joe Corbett
• Chief Human Resources Officer Doug Tulino

Among these eight honorees, one will be chosen for the ultimate prize: the Postmaster General Sustainability Excellence Award.

The Sustainability Blue page has more information, including a list of criteria, a downloadable nomination form and instructions.

The deadline to submit nominations is May 21.