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Don’t discard used batteries

Employees reminded to recycle

Dolores Dixon, a maintenance support clerk at the Curseen-Morris Processing and Distribution Center in Washington, DC, recycles batteries recently.

USPS is reminding employees to recycle depleted batteries instead of putting them in the trash.

For example, Mobile Delivery Devices and other scanners use batteries that contain hazardous components.

Employees must follow standard recycling procedures to properly discard batteries, in accordance with the Postal Service’s sustainability objectives.

Depleted batteries can be recycled through Cleanlites Recycling and its subsidiary, LampMaster.

Cleanlites’ mailback recycling containers and direct pickup services can be ordered in eBuy Plus.

Employees must not send waste batteries through the mail to the Atlanta Mail Recovery Center; Ybor City, FL, Processing and Distribution Center; or the Topeka, KS, Material Distribution Center.

Sustainable Facility Update’s February edition has additional details on battery recycling procedures.