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Striking a Blue note

Employees praise colleagues in new initiative

Tina Walker, a Jacksonville, FL, mail processing clerk, sends love to letter carriers in a new Inside Blue post.

Inside Blue, the latest #PostalProud initiative, features employees praising the contributions of their colleagues.

One of the subjects is Perry, IA, Postmaster Janelle Hall, who received a shout-out for her creative problem-solving.

During the holidays, when Hall encountered a retailer’s package that didn’t have a name or address, she put her detective skills to work and tracked down the intended recipient: a man who had ordered special sneakers for his wife as a Christmas present.

“The customer was so happy,” Dawn Cook, a Hawkeye District consumer and industry contact manager, says in an Inside Blue post praising Hall.

Other posts focus on Will Harris, a Baltimore letter carrier who has befriended a little girl on his route who dressed like him for Halloween and invited him to her virtual birthday party, and Tina Walker, a Jacksonville, FL, mail processing clerk who sends love to the Postal Service’s letter carriers.

“They not only deal with being face-to-face with the pandemic, but with daily elements such as the weather and dogs. They make sure the letters I process, as well as important packages, are delivered to our customers in a prompt, courteous manner,” Walker writes in her post.

Inside Blue, which runs each year from January through March, is part of the broader #PostalProud initiative.

The other series in the initiative include Behind the Eagle (April through June), Beyond the Blue (July through September) and Peek Into Peak (October through December).

Each series consists of employee spotlights that are delivered each weekday through multiple communications channels, including Blue and LiteBlue pages and the Lead to Win newsletter.