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Job well done

#PostalProud materials highlight essential service

A recent Behind the Eagle “Essential Edition” post showcases Huntington Beach, CA, Letter Carrier Oscar Berber.

USPS is showcasing its essential workforce with new #PostalProud marketing materials.

Behind the Eagle — the latest #PostalProud initiative, featuring employees answering the question “What makes you most proud about your job?” — has a new design template that reads “Essential Edition.”

A second template features a “Thank You” message and allows managers and supervisors to express their gratitude for employees’ great work, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Managers and supervisors can download the new templates from the Customer Experience Blue page and use them on local communications platforms.

Additionally, managers and supervisors can email their “Essential” slides to for possible inclusion on a new #PostalProud Essential Edition LiteBlue page.

#PostalProud, an ongoing effort to celebrate workers and their efforts to serve customers, is part of the organization’s core strategies to engage, equip and empower employees and to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Two recent #PostalProud initiatives, Peek into Peak and Inside Blue, also showcase employees discussing what they enjoy about the Postal Service.