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Peak vessels

Employees show postal pride for holidays

Tiffany Rowland, a Duluth, GA, business service network representative, is featured in this year’s Peek into Peak campaign.

The Postal Service is shining a light on employees and what they contribute to the organization during the holidays.

Peek into Peak is a #PostalProud communications initiative that was introduced in 2018. The campaign is back with new images and quotes from employees who discuss how they spread joy throughout the peak delivery season.

“What makes me postal proud about peak is employee engagement. I regularly communicate with my customers, and I truly care about their businesses and ours. I am a vessel that helps keep customer relationships moving forward, while building trust along the way,” said Tiffany Rowland, a Duluth, GA, business service network representative.

These messages will be showcased each weekday through multiple communication channels, including the Peek into Peak LiteBlue page, Informed Facility monitors inside USPS facilities and the Lead to Win newsletter.

Peak into Peak is part of the organization’s core strategies to empower and engage employees and deliver world-class customer experiences.

Past #PostalProud communications initiatives featured employees sharing their team contributions, their pride in their work and their efforts to serve customers.

The #PostalProud Blue page has more information, including banners, thank-you cards, posters and other materials that can be ordered through eBuyPlus.