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New dashboard helps move Priority Mail items

The Informed Visibility team created this image to promote the new Received at Opening Unit dashboard. Shown are the dashboard screen, Priority Mail Open and Distribute tags and a pallet and box of pharmaceutical packages.

The Postal Service recently introduced a dashboard to enhance service performance for Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) shipments.

The Received at Opening Unit (RAOU) dashboard uses the Informed Visibility platform to deliver greater insight to serve high-value customers, particularly pharmaceutical companies that rely on USPS to send medication — a need that has grown during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new dashboard measures and displays RAOU scan performance for PMOD shipments. It also gives managers and supervisors at delivery and processing units the analytics they need to improve scan performance and deliver timely service for pharmaceuticals and other priority items.

“It’s amazing what you can do with complex data when you see it through telling visuals and an intuitive user experience,” said Erika Ramirez, operations integration and support director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

The dashboard also delivers:

  • End-to-end network visibility;
  • Real-time snapshots to allow for incremental adjustments;
  • An elevated view of RAOU scans for prior days;
  • The ability to drill down to facility level by origin, destination sectional center facility and destination delivery unit;
  • The ability to capture individual PMOD container scans; and
  • Easy identification of pharmaceutical mailpieces.

The dashboard is available online and through the Informed Visibility application.