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Tool offers mailers timely marketing data

An Informed Visibility tool provides business mailers with more information about marketing campaigns that use Informed Delivery.

Business mailers who use Informed Delivery have a new tool to access detailed reports on the effectiveness of their mail and digital marketing campaigns.

Informed Visibility Mail Tracking and Reporting (IV-MTR) has been updated to provide business mailers with near-real-time marketing data from the Informed Delivery platform’s Post-Campaign Detailed Reports.

The Informed Delivery detailed data captures several metrics — including the date and time of every email sent and opened and “click throughs” associated with each piece delivered — to help business mailers to gauge a marketing campaign’s performance.

IV-MTR now enhances that performance data with near-real-time updates, plus:

• One-time queries of historical data
• Data feeds for automated delivery of reports
• Data sharing with users in the same organization or another business, such as a mail service provider

Business mailers can use this data to quickly evaluate marketing campaigns to, when necessary, make strategic changes that better engage customers who use Informed Delivery.

Informed Delivery, which has more than 28 million users, is a free feature that provides residential and personal PO Box consumers with digital previews of their incoming mail.

The PostalPro website has more information on Informed Visibility, while Blue and LiteBlue have pages devoted to Informed Delivery.

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