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Point of sale

Retail associate’s tip brings in $70,000 deal

Raymond Ramos, a Grand Prairie, TX, retail associate, recently used the Clerks Care program to help generate $70,200 in new revenue for USPS.

A retail associate’s talk with a customer at the counter has resulted in a shipping deal worth more than $70,000.

Raymond Ramos, who works at the Grand Prairie, TX, Main Post Office, spoke with a customer who sells point-of-sale equipment and was looking for ways to save on shipping.

Ramos then submitted the customer’s contact information through the Clerks Care program.

Anthony Sanchez, a Dallas District business development specialist, followed up with the customer, and the Postal Service signed him to a $70,200 shipping deal.

Revenue generated from Clerks Care leads is counted toward the USPS Power of One campaign to raise revenue through sales leads from employees.

The initiative, which began Oct. 1, has brought in $260 million in new revenue for the Postal Service as of Dec. 8.

“Thanks to Raymond’s goodwill and appreciation for his customers, he was able to recognize an opportunity to help this customer and get them into the right hands,” said Mary Anderson, small-business engagement director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “All it takes is one friendly conversation to lead to a revenue-generating result.”

The Sales Blue page has more information about Clerks Care and the Postal Service’s other lead-sharing programs, which include Business Connect, Customer Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead.

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