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Customer attention

Employee’s questions result in shipping deal

Columbus, GA, Retail Associate Timothy Junghans recently used the Clerks Care program to help generate $98,000 in new revenue for USPS.

A retail associate’s conversations with two customers mailing packages for their company has led to more than $98,000 in new revenue for the Postal Service.

Timothy Junghans was on duty at Downtown Station in Columbus, GA, when he noticed a regular customer who was mailing a few packages multiple times a week.

The customer works for a company that makes a hydration drink. Junghans talked with the customer, who told him that the packages were last-minute orders going out.

A few days later, Junghans found himself serving a different person with the same company who was mailing more packages. He talked with her and found out that the business had a big need for help with their shipping.

Junghans then submitted a lead through Clerks Care, one of the Postal Service’s employee lead generation programs.

A local business development specialist followed up with the company, and a member of the sales team closed a shipping deal worth more than $98,000.

Revenue generated from Clerks Care leads is counted toward the Postal Service’s Power of One campaign to raise revenue through sales leads from employees.

“Timothy’s attention to his customers has resulted in the first sale from an employee lead for this fiscal year from Gulf Atlantic District,” said Mary Anderson, small-business engagement director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “This is the ‘power of one’ — one person’s action leading to a new customer and new revenue for USPS.”

The Sales Blue page has more information about Clerks Care and the Postal Service’s other lead-sharing programs, which include Business Connect, Customer Connect, Mail Handlers, Rural Reach and Submit a Lead.

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