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Voting by mail

New site will provide critical info

The new USPS website will serve both voters and election officials.

The Postal Service has introduced an Election Mail website, part of the organization’s ongoing effort to ensure that voters and election officials have the information they need to successfully use the U.S. Mail to vote in this year’s general elections.

Many states are expanding mail-in voting options this year, and there will likely be a significant increase in demand among customers to participate in the elections by using the mail.

The new website, located at, will serve both voters seeking information on how to use the mail to vote and election officials seeking resources to help make their administration of the upcoming elections a success.

For domestic voters, the website provides links to online federal election resources, as well as links to state-specific resources. For overseas and military voters, the site provides additional information, including links to resources supporting their election participation.

The site also highlights what the Postal Service views as the most critical information for voters who opt to vote through the U.S. Mail: that, in requesting or casting a mail-in ballot, they not only must comply with their local jurisdiction’s requirements, but also should start the process early.

To allow sufficient time for voters to receive, complete and return ballots via the mail, USPS strongly recommends that voters request ballots at the earliest point allowable, but no later than 15 days prior to the election date.

The Postal Service also recommends that voters mail their ballots at least one week prior to their states’ due dates to allow for timely receipt by election officials. Voters should contact their local election officials for further information about deadlines and other requirements.

In addition, the website provides resources to state and local election officials, including guidance on how to contact USPS personnel to discuss mailpiece design.

The site also provides links to resources, such as Kit 600, 2020 Official Election Mail Kit, and Publication 632, State and Local Election Officials User’s Guide, that were distributed to 11,500 election officials earlier this year.

“The U.S. Postal Service remains fully committed to fulfilling its role in the electoral process when policymakers choose to use our services in administering elections. The Postal Service can fully handle and deliver the anticipated increase in Election Mail volume and is continuing to coordinate with state and local election officials through November,” the organization said in an Aug. 21 news release announcing the website.

“Election officials and voters are being asked to be mindful of the Postal Service’s established delivery standards and consider how the mail actually works, so that voters have adequate time to request, receive, complete and send their mail-in ballots. The Postal Service will continue to do everything in its power to efficiently handle and deliver Election Mail, including ballots, in a manner consistent with the proven processes and procedures that have been relied upon for years.”