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‘Trajectory for success’

DeJoy discusses USPS, praises employees

In a new video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy discusses the Postal Service’s essential role in American life and thanks employees for their dedication to the organization and its customers.

“Over the past several months, the importance of the United States Postal Service has been more apparent than ever,” DeJoy says.

“This institution helps to bind our nation together, delivering mail and packages to a nation that has largely been forced to stay at home. We are critical to our national economy and millions of small businesses and their employees, and we are the ‘face’ of the federal government to millions of Americans who count on us to deliver information, census forms and mail-in ballots.”

The new Postmaster General praises USPS employees, including the front-line workers serving during the coronavirus pandemic and the recent nationwide protests.

“You are responsible for this institution’s respect and popularity with the American people,” he says.

DeJoy also discusses the challenges facing USPS, including the need to continue ensuring the safety of its workers during the pandemic; responding to changes in the way customers use mail; and the need to change the organization’s expensive, inflexible business model.

“I did not accept this position in spite of these challenges, I accepted this position because of them — and because I want to work with you in addressing them. I want to put this institution on a trajectory for success,” DeJoy says.

He outlines several steps the Postal Service will take to meet its challenges, including creating a viable business model that ensures the organization continues fulfilling its public service mission; identifying new and creative ways to fulfill that mission; and continuing to be a diverse and supportive workplace “where people can have opportunities for promotion, enjoy a great quality of life and count on a secure retirement.”

The video concludes with DeJoy’s thoughts on continuing the Postal Service’s legacy.

“We stand on the shoulders and of the men and women who built this institution, who grew it and who maintained it,” he says. “And we pledge to them — and I pledge to you — that we will continue to make the United States Postal Service a great institution worthy of its standing.”