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Tools of the trade

Election Mail, Political Mail resources available

USPS offers resources to help employees with Election Mail, such as ballots, as well as Political Mail.

The Postal Service wants employees to know about online resources available to help them accept, process and deliver ballots and political mailpieces during this year’s elections.

The Election and Political Mail 2020 Blue page has an interactive map that allows employees to find the names and contact information for each state’s election and political mail coordinators.

Lists of the election and political mail team members for each area and district are also included.

Other resources include employee stand-up talks and lists of standard operating procedures for mail acceptance, delivery and network operations.

Also available is Postal Bulletin’s guide to Election Mail and Political Mail for 2020.

The publication includes a list of important dates; explanations of Election Mail and Political Mail; key messages; information about absentee ballots, voting by mail and ballots from military members serving overseas; an overview of labels and tags; and FAQs.

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