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Application offers election, political mail data

The Mail Condition Visualization application offers near-real-time information about the delivery and processing of Election Mail and Political Mail pieces.

The Postal Service has made it easier to get timely processing and delivery data about ballots, voter guides, campaign brochures and other election year mailings as they move through the organization’s network.

Mail Condition Visualization (MCV), a component of Informed Visibility, offers near-real-time information about Election Mail and Political Mail pieces, allowing users to identify on-hand and delayed processing volumes within the mailstream and to make adjustments if necessary.

The application’s users receive piece-level volume analytics that include visibility into individual Election Mail and Political Mail pieces.

MCV also offers container-level volume analytics that display any container carrying a single piece of Election Mail or Political Mail.

The MCV improvements are part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to serve the public during this year’s elections, when the organization is expected to accept, process and deliver billions of Election Mail and Political Mail pieces.

To access MCV data, log into the Informed Visibility website and select the Workload Performance tab. Employees who don’t have Informed Visibility access can request it through eAccess.

The Election and Political Mail 2020 Blue page has other information and resources for employees.