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World of difference

Election Mail, Political Mail reminder

Election Mail, including ballots for domestic or international delivery, is different from Political Mail, which includes mail for political campaign purposes.

The Postal Service wants employees to remember the differences between Election Mail and Political Mail.

Election Mail refers to mail that allows individuals to participate in the voting process, such as ballots for domestic or international delivery.

Political Mail falls into two different categories: Political Campaign Mail and Political Message Mail.

Political Campaign Mail is mail used for political campaign purposes by a registered political candidate, a campaign committee or a political party.

Political Message Mail is mail from a Political Action Committee (PAC), super PAC or other organization engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

There are different tagging requirements for Election Mail and Political Mail that move through the postal network.

During the 2018 midterm elections, USPS delivered 3 billion pieces of Political Mail, a record.

“We are clearly in a ‘mail moment’ and this trend will only continue to increase,” said Don Nichols, the national lead for USPS political and mailing services.

The Election Mail and Political Mail Blue page has more information.

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