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Successful tenure

Think tank thanks Brennan for guiding USPS

Megan J. Brennan concluded her five-year tenure as Postmaster General on June 12.

Americans owe Megan J. Brennan, the nation’s 74th Postmaster General, “a big thank you,” Paul Steidler writes in a new article for Lexington Institute, a public policy think tank.

Steidler, a senior fellow with the Arlington, VA-based institute, highlights multiple accomplishments during Brennan’s tenure, which recently concluded with her retirement and succession by the 75th Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy.

The article commends Brennan for showing “grace and poise” and winning “widespread respect” as she represented the Postal Service in matters with Congress, the administration, labor unions, the mailing industry and others.

It also points out that “under her leadership, the Postal Service has performed its mission to bind the nation together, despite the formidable challenges” of the coronavirus pandemic and other issues.

As the nation’s first female Postmaster General, Brennan’s story “is one of success and it should be shared with young women especially,” the article concludes, adding “best wishes, and a profound thank you, to Megan Brennan as she enters retirement.”

The full article is available on the institute’s website.