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New step

GSA card security enhanced

Several credit cards resting on a desk.
A new multi-factor authentication security process will be required for GSA SmartPay3, effective June 15.

Postal Service employees who use government-issued credit cards will soon have to clear an extra layer of security in order to access their GSA SmartPay3 accounts.

Beginning June 15, employees must enter a unique security passcode along with their password when they log into the U.S. Bank Access Online application.

The application will generate a security passcode that will be sent to the employee’s USPS email address for identity verification.

The employee must enter the code into the online application in order to log on.

The new multi-factor authentication security process will help reduce fraud and maintain a more secure online environment.

For additional information about the process, contact the USPS Purchasing Shared Services Center live chat feature weekdays from 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. EDT.