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Campaign helps USPS raise revenue

Want to help USPS bring in the Benjamins? Participate in the Race for a $Billion campaign.

Sales leads from Postal Service employees have helped the organization raise more than $679 million in estimated annualized revenue so far this fiscal year.

USPS wants to raise $1 billion before the year concludes Sept. 30, an initiative known as the Race for a $Billion campaign.

The latest weekly ranking of the organization’s 67 districts, released May 14, shows that San Diego employees have provided $29.1 million worth of sales leads. Other top-ranked districts include Detroit ($25.7 million), Rio Grande ($23.4 million), Suncoast ($21.4 million) and Dallas ($20.8 million).

“Across the nation, in communities of every size, Postal Service employees are rising to the challenge and coming to the aid of their local businesses,” said Mary Anderson, small-business engagement director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. “Our employees are talking to their neighborhood businesses to find out how we can help them get back on the road to recovery through our affordable shipping and marketing services.”

Employees can submit leads through several programs, including Clerks Care (for retail associates), Customer Connect (for letter carriers), Mail Handlers (for mail handlers), Rural Reach (for rural carriers) and Submit a Lead (for everyone else, including Executive and Administrative Schedule employees).

The Sales Blue page has more information about each program, including participation instructions.