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Safety first

Remembering winter’s top stories

USPS routinely keeps the mail moving through extreme winter weather.

The Postal Service began 2019 by continuing to deliver for its customers, despite extreme winter weather in much of the nation.

In her first “Business Focus” video of the year, Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan thanked employees for their efforts and reminded them to stay safe throughout the winter.

“Please remember to wear proper footwear, identify hazards on your route or in your work environment, and always keep safety top of mind. Your safety matters,” Brennan said.

The organization’s ability to keep the mail moving during challenging times was the subject of “The Quiet Heroism of Mail Delivery,” a 1,200-word report published by The Atlantic newsmagazine in February.

Mike Swigart, the Postal Service’s national preparedness director, told the publication that the resumption of mail delivery is often a meaningful sight for customers trying to rebuild after severe weather or a natural disaster.

“When they see that carrier back out on the street, that’s the first sign to them that life is starting to return to normal,” Swigart said.

The January-March period also brought the results of the 2018-19 Combined Federal Campaign, which showed Postal Service employees pledged $7.7 million, exceeding the organization’s goal by 20 percent.

Additionally, USPS was recognized for the eighth consecutive year as the top government agency for multicultural business opportunities by Omnikal, a social media and networking organization.

The Postal Service also released several stamps during this period, including Year of the Boar, the latest stamp in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series, and a Black Heritage stamp honoring Gregory Hines.

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