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Celebrating Lunar New Year stamp dedicated

Smiling man stands near stamp display
Kam Mak, the artist who created the Year of the Boar artwork, stands near a stamp display after this week’s dedication ceremony in Houston.

The Year of the Boar got off to an early start Jan. 17, when USPS dedicated the final stamp in its Celebrating Lunar New Year series.

The Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in several East Asian countries, marking the start of the Chinese lunar calendar. The calendar operates on a 12-year cycle, with each year assigned a different animal.

Individuals born during the Year of the Boar, which officially begins Tuesday, Feb. 5, are said to be generous, compassionate and warmhearted.

“The Postal Service has long celebrated our nation’s rich heritage through our stamp program. The brilliant design of this stamp helps celebrate the diversity of the American experience,” said Luke Grossmann, the Postal Service’s finance and planning vice president, who led the dedication ceremony at the Chinese Community Center in Houston.

Other speakers included Kam Mak, a Hong Kong-born artist who created the Year of the Boar artwork, along with other images in the Celebrating Lunar New Year series.

“I hope that I was successful in sharing this beautiful tradition to a wider audience,” he said.

The Year of the Boar stamp features peach blossoms, which typically bloom in China in early February and herald the arrival of spring.

The Celebrating Lunar New Year series began in 2008. A similar series ran from 1992-2007. A third series will launch next year.

The Year of the Boar stamp is available in sheets of 12 at Post Offices and

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