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Pushing the envelope

Employee’s idea leads to change

Male hands open envelope at desk
Thanks to a suggestion submitted through the IdeaSMART platform, outdated promotional information will be removed from USPS earnings statement envelopes.

When Concord, MA, Postmaster Raymond White saw outdated information on his employee earnings statement envelope, he turned to IdeaSMART to bring it to someone’s attention.

White used the employee idea sharing platform to alert USPS to a promotional item for an employee Visa credit card program that no longer exists.

“The website link printed on the back of the envelope goes to an error message,” said White, who proposed that the Postal Service order new envelopes without the program information.

Asset Management Manager Tamie Hollar reviewed White’s submission after it received “up votes” from employees who liked the idea.

“We didn’t know the information on the back of the envelope contained an outdated link,” said Hollar. “We will work with the supplier to remove it in future printing runs.”

IdeaSMART is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, a core strategy. White joins other employees who have used IdeaSMART to suggest postal improvements like reducing energy usage and improving mail processing.

Said Hollar: “We appreciate White’s dedication to identifying and helping improve USPS processes.”

White encourages other employees to use IdeaSMART to “speak up.”

“My suggestion was acted on quickly. We’re such a large organization, but they paid attention,” he said.

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