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Frog days of summer

News Quiz: Remember what you read?

A resident takes in the view at the Morris Knudsen Nature Center in Boise, ID, the site of last week’s dedication ceremony for the Frogs stamps.

Here’s Link’s latest “News Quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. Fill in the blank: There are approximately (blank) species of frogs, including four that are featured on new stamps from USPS.

a) 4,400
b) 4,800
c) 8,400
d) 8,800

2. Which two NFL teams recently turned to the Postal Service for passport services?

a) Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers
b) Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
c) Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots
d) New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles

3. True or false: Businesses can add interactive content to Informed Delivery emails, keeping mail relevant and helping USPS to boost revenue.

a) True
b) False

4. When is the deadline to submit audition videos for the Postal Service’s holiday advertising campaign?

a) Tuesday, July 23
b) Wednesday, July 24
c) Thursday, July 25
d) Friday, July 26

5. Match the employee in Column A with the reason he or she was featured in Link in Column B.

Column A

a) Davis, IL, Postmaster Dennis Jansen
b) Raleigh, NC, Mail Processing Clerk Cotina McLellan
c) Indianapolis Retail Associate Stacey Moss
d) Lexington, MO, Letter Carrier Clint Wood

Column B

I) Discussed customer service in a “Best Practices” column
II) Discussed customer service in an “On the Job” column
III) Organized a “date meets ZIP” event for his community
IV) Told his Postmaster that her grandfather was ill

Answers: 1) b. 2) b. 3) a. 4) d. 5) a. III., b. I., c. II., d. IV.

Look for a new quiz next week and share your feedback with Link at

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