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Another NFL team gets assist from USPS

Doug Collins, security chief for the Green Bay Packers, stands with some of the USPS employees who helped process 119 applications for the team’s Aug. 22 pre-season game in Canada. From left are Kelly Page, a secretary; Heidi Coutley, Tammy Polacek and Dave Lardinois, retail associates; Collins; Sebastian Zeutzius, a retail associate; and Danielle Downing, a retail supervisor.

The Carolina Panthers aren’t the only NFL team receiving an assist from the Postal Service this summer.

USPS also is helping the Green Bay Packers travel to Canada for a pre-season game next month.

It began when Danielle Downing, a retail supervisor at the Green Bay, WI, Main Post Office, was watching a TV news report and learned the Packers are slated to play the Oakland Raiders in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on Aug. 22.

“As soon as I heard they might play in Canada, I knew they would need passports,” said Downing, who added that she’s always looking for new ways to drum up business for the Postal Service.

Downing assembled a team of USPS employees and organized a passport fair at Lambeau Field, the Packers’ home turf. A second session was held at the Green Bay Main Post Office for team members and staffers who couldn’t participate in the first event.

Altogether, USPS processed 119 passport applications for the team — including one for Matt LaFleur, the head coach.

Passports are an important part of the Postal Service’s business, generating $204.6 million in revenue for the organization during the previous fiscal year.

Last month, USPS employees in North Carolina helped the Carolina Panthers obtain passports for an October game in London. Post Offices across the nation also regularly hold passport fairs for the public.

Representatives for both the Panthers and the Packers told USPS managers they were pleased with the service they received.

Said Downing: “It’s been a very easy process for them because the clerks are very knowledgeable and experienced.”

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