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Special days

Post Offices celebrate ZIP Code phenomenon

Employee holds up envelope.
Employees at the Davis, IL, Post Office gather during the recent “date meets ZIP” event. From left are Rural Carrier Brenda Butler, Postmaster Dennis Jansen, Rural Carrier Mary McCoy and Custodian Margie Franzen.

Several times a year, the calendar date matches a local ZIP Code.

This “date meets ZIP” phenomenon occurs in different places each year. While some Post Offices don’t do anything special, others use it as a way to celebrate the special role that USPS serves in the community.

The Davis, IL, Post Office’s special day was June 10, or 61019 in its ZIP Code.

Employees there hosted an open house, offering refreshments and a special postmark cancellation for customers.

“Davis is my hometown. The life of the Post Office is to be involved in the community,” said Postmaster Dennis Jansen. “This is a thank you to the community.”

On Chicago’s South Side, the James E. Worsham Station held its date-meets-ZIP day June 6, or 60619.

The station celebrated with popcorn and other refreshments for customers and offered a special pictorial cancellation envelope.

“We thought this would be fun to share … with our customers to show our appreciation to them and to also tell them about our newest programs and services such as Informed Delivery,” said Juanita Flowers, customer services manager.

The Post Office Department introduced the ZIP Code system in 1963, assigning a five-digit code to every address to speed the delivery of mail.

Other offices getting in on the date-meets-ZIP action this year include the Irvine, CA, Post Office, which serves ZIP Code 92619 and is planning an event on Sept. 26.

The office held an event last fall for customers in ZIP Code 92618.

“It was gratifying to meet and talk with so many customers who clearly care about the Postal Service and about our Post Office,” said Postmaster Cassandra Nuby.

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